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Prices below reflect time of service discounts.  Movere Massage and Bodywork is happy to bill PacificSource health insurance as well as motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims.

Appointment lengths

Initial Appointment:

Enough time is accommodated for a thorough intake regarding history, any possible contraindications, and needs/concerns of the client.  The time paid for reflects treatment time on the table. 

60 Minute Massage: $95.00

This allows for enough time for therapy in one to two areas of the body.

90 Minute Massage: $135.00

This allows time for more detailed therapy in one to two areas of the body; it is enough time for touch on the entire body.

120 Minute Massage: $180.00

During this session length, there is plenty of time for detailed work in two or more areas of the body, a definite full body massage.

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