Movere Massage

 and Bodywork

Using massage modalities to promote mobility and create space between the body's tissue layers. Advocate of body awareness and wellness.



Michelle Heitman is the sole proprietor behind Movere Massage and Bodywork.

She primarily has worked with clients to help alleviate pain, correct postural habits, and rehabilitate injuries.  While her sessions are relaxing, she typically provides more of a 'therapeutic' session.  Michelle combines her intuitive touch, evolving skill set, and clear communication to provide a unique experience for her clients.


'Movere' is the latin translation meaning 'to move'.  It is the root to movement, mobility, and motivation.  Movere Massage and Bodywork is grateful and motivated to be a conduit for clients' mobility and healing, using modalities encouraging movement and mindfulness.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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Swedish Massage: Uses light, long massage strokes to encourage relaxation for the body and calm state of mind.

Deep Tissue Massage: Uses deeper pressure to impact fascia and muscle tissue restrictions that inhibit mobility and function.


Therapeutic massage performed on a mat on the floor.  Uses deep compression and stretching.  Promotes joint capsule health by mobilization, fully moving joints through range of motion.


Cupping Therapy: Uses suction to create space between tissue layers. Delivers fresh oxygen, pulls up stagnant blood, inflammation, and waste.  Michelle uses glass cups, which require heat to create suction, as well as silicone cups.  She also has fascial cups which greatly help jaw pain and the delicate muscles around the neck.

Thai Medical Scraping: Involves using a spoon to lift, stretch, and loosen the fascia layer. Also pulls up trapped inflammation and waste so the body can easily eliminate it.

Liniments/balms: Michelle keeps several on hand that alleviate different ailments from inflammation, aches/pains, bruising, nerve pain, etc. They are simply rubbed in during the massage treatment after proper warming of the skin.

Thai Herbal Compresses: Michelle most often uses the "warming" compresses and such uses them more during the colder months. They are an excellent addition to any modality to warm up the skin layer, allowing deeper access to layers beneath, therefore soothing muscular aches and pains.


1234 Pearl St. Suite 2

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Tel: (309) 369 - 7372

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